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Hey, wow, so Empires is awful generous and I happen to have download code for a copy of Bang (I...think? I already have my digital version and jut got my unexpected physical copy so idk idk) so, if anyone wants it, let me know and I'll shoot it to you
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"Why Don't You Love Me" - Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo.

...what the shit is this? ok yeah, Beyonce's body is banging, and what not but...Beyonce, running around cleaning the house in heels circa 1950, talking about how awesome she is, and asking this anonymous "You" who, I think it's safe to assume is a dude, why he doesn't love her. Again I ask, what the shit is this? What happened to female version of a hustler? Usually I don't really expect pop artists to be particularly politically correct or whatever but. When Beyonce, fuckin Beyonce who is arguably one of the most successful pop artist in the INDUSTRY right now (yeah yeah I like Lady Gaga, but if you really compare them longevity and marketability win out, Lady Gaga has one shtick, B can be classy, she can be silly, she can be...whatever the shitting hell this was, etc. etc.) and she puts out a video like this...I take issue with it. Maybe it's just the ridiculous video in conjunction with the song, but instead of being left with a sense of "damn that was hot" like I have with her last videos. I'm left with "Well, Beyonce's hot but...what the shit did I just watch?"


Feb. 17th, 2010 07:20 pm
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I can hear some of you snickering about the fact that I like John Mayer anyway. But. I've been wanting to say something, but ^ that person said it much better, and what I'd say would just turn into me whining about my life so *handwave*. Let's put it like this. Every crush I've had since the 9th grade has been on a white person. Most of the musical artists I listen to- are white. The boy I have a crush on right now? Is white. Yes, my Perfect Dude is a ginger with an accent, preferably Scottish (my ginger obsession has bloomed as of late).

I was one of those girls who wanted to wanted to be in that deep sea of blankets and what not. And *shrug* it hurts, to hear him say shit like that, it hurts whenever the subject of dating black women comes up and everyone's like "lolno" (yes, I have heard it happen). No, I haven't quite been able to listen to any of his music quite yet, just because now I know that he really isn't talking to me, or about me.

It just exacerbates the worries I've been having in reference to my hair, and my crush and. Bunches of shit *handwave* I'm lol!overinvested, mostly, but. How about no one ask any of MCR how they feel about interaccial dating. Just in case.
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Hey there, LJ and flist. Long time, no post. I'm a whole year later since last post. :) Thanks to all you guys who sent me birthday wishes and such. My birthday and the day I did stuff on my birthday were both awesome (the day I did stuff on my birthday was the most hilarious, fun, clusterfuck I've ever been involved in). So yeah, I'm 18 now. Its surprisingly uneventful thus far but hey, so was 16.

Things Wot Are/Have Been Happening:
I love you so much that it hurts my head )
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How have I never seen this before?

The Tain music video
I dunno if I'd recommend this for first time Decemberists fans but oh man is it good. It gives back some of that scariness that the song loses after the first few billion listens. This video is actually pretty scary, and the song juts makes its all the better.

&The Decemberists;
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At the risk of syaing far too much about my questionable tastes in music, listening to Patrick Wolf makes me remember Blaqk Audio exists
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brb gonna listen to [ profile] aceles ' baby punchingly bad and LOL FOREVER

[profile] hello_ilu , go to [ profile] usedfic and LOVE ME FOREVER. nomnomdirtyboys

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y'all, Pete made himself God. Also, I got chills. That would be why I love those boys.

My hair is black again *sigh* fuckin' senior portraits.
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Yes Brendon we can fastforward to the oral. Its about blowjobs! And other stuff but mostly blowjobs as far as I'm concerned. Until I can listen to it a few more times. I got to type Panic! at the Disco and it was all good.


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