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G'day LJ. I am alive and kicking. Weakly because I work and a farm and am oh god so tired, but kicking nonetheless. We have officially reached the point in the summer where I wished I had more friends because oh my goodness so bored. Work throws an interesting wrench in my plans in that I can't do things before the evening and most of my friends are notorious daytrotters but no matter. I'm going to Atlanta next week to see Jay Brannan !!! (anyone seen shortbus? He's uh. the one that enters into a threesome with the other guys? Who plays the guitar in that one scene before the sex? With the terrible hair? yeah that's him. I'm gonna see him! I'm getting over the "oh god I've seen you have sex dude" bit. and in two weeks I'm probably GOING TO ATLANTA TO SEE EMPIRES seriously, I'm trying not to get too excited yet but the closer it gets the faster I'm going to devolve into *shaking and crying* because its empires guys and I've just about accepted that I'm NEVER going to see them but now I might! probably am! Also double road trip with one of my best (definitely my closest) friend, so woo!

What else? Uhmmm single again! Did I even mention that I wasn't single for a while? Yeeeeah. I dated a guy for a while and he was nice, really nice, awkward but he was a good dude. There was just. An absolute lack of chemistry there. That said, I'm pretty positive I'm ruined for completely!straight boys. At one point we were at a drag show, discussing how fucking adorable Taylor Fist (who was of course performing a Taylor Swift song) was and I was like wow, can't do the whole totes straight-laced thing can I? Give me your queer, your openminded, your easily corruptible muhahah.

Yep, farm's good. I've sort've started writing again. I'm working on a Blaine-Santana friendship!fic that I might end up scrapping all together because I'm afraid it's a little too self-indulgent but whatever, I need to cause more trouble between the perfection that is Klaine and get out some Samcedes in the meantime

Actually, right now I'm happily hopping around fandoms, mostly Glee and Inception but I've discovered I'll read pretty much anything at least once. Though I'm having serious trouble reading actual books. I think I just need to find more books I'm really into rather than books I feel obligated to read because they're ~classics.

Also, also? I'm rereading a bunch of my favorite HP fic because you know whats soon? Of course you know what's soon. Guys. Guys. I'm not going to say it's almost over because its never going to be truly over, not when people are still writing fic for Star Trek:TOS which is how old? But its still a big deal, y'know? I got my tickets as soon as they went on sale and I am so. excite.

I'm sure I'm missing something but hay, this has been an update.
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My tapers are here :}
Am I really the only one that's a little offended by the black girl on Glee? Yes? *sigh* Okay then.
Taking Back Sunday, Friday, I'm really really excited.

I am not fond of my insecurities. If he is only humouring me then he shall humour me all the longer. And if he is not well, then, that's another post all together.

Good lord the ACT made my head hurt.

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too tired for real post.
short hand.

-i think i like a boy?
-i want to forget that I'm a Creative Writer at the School of Fine Arts sometimes.
-i love her but sometimes i want to smack her.
-wait, wut
-i'm not leaving bandom, i'm polyamorus, sillies.
-psh, college.
- O HAY. Taking Back Sunday next week and Fall Out Boy the week after that.
-always so tired.
-fucking taciturnity
-may have to go up to 0g. sorry ma.
-*sigh* <- up to interpretation.
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brb gonna listen to [ profile] aceles ' baby punchingly bad and LOL FOREVER

[profile] hello_ilu , go to [ profile] usedfic and LOVE ME FOREVER. nomnomdirtyboys


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