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This line probably sums up every character name I've ever given and/or created.

“So,” she said, turning to look at Thomas. “Your mom’s name is Panopea and your father’s name is Willafried. How on earth did you end up with Thomas?”

She laughed out loud as the child visibly bristled and said loudly, “That’s Thomas Sigmund Phoibos!”

Still laughing, she pulled the child into a hug and let him go. Scylla was also laughing when Kay got back to her feet and said “Yes, but which is his first name.”

“They all are,” said a giant of a man, coming down the stairs. His great, dark beard split around his mouth as he smiled widely. “Thomas Sigmund Phoibus Nereus. Nereus being his middle name. Panopea and I couldn’t agree on a first name, but I let her have the middle name. Who are you?”
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Hyacinthus is DRUNK AND SAD. Hermaphroditus Apollo will fix it with his Magical Healing Cock(tm)! ahahaa, question of my life: How many people will realize this story is actually badfic IN DISGUISE.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]There will be magic, polyamory and a gratuity of body modification.
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Pieces Mended
PG-13 3,649

Thanks to the lovely[info]stepps  for whipping my tenses into shape, and being a great beta. Comments, as always, are love. 


Marry me/Stay the same/Lie to me and tell me that you never will )
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right eventually....I'm going to have time to actually right...and I'm considering making this my writing journal....and going back to writergirld as my personal journal...or I could just use this for  both...since I dont care about people reading about me whining...decisions, decisions


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