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Hi *waves* you can thank/blame [personal profile] akire_yta  for this little foray into the comical stylings of Dani. ilu bb.

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You know what I find really ironic?
So Cobra Starship, I'll pause to let you comprehend the fact that yes, there is a band ( a very awesome one) called Cobra Starship. You good? Ok, so Cobra Starship  has a cornucopia, of techno upbeat dance songs and which of their songs do I fall in love with? The slow romantic one(its still techno tinged). I've been listening to it and um *cough*potentialbreakupsong*cough* all day. 

I also got some Panic! covers. Thats the thing about my new love for bandslash I'm getting more into the music as I get into the fandom. hehe fandom, prettyboys and music, its all kinda squeeworthy. 

So anyway, I was watching VH1 today, that encompasses my last weekday of summer, get hair donw, watch VH1. 

Honestly? If VH1 was a person it'd be my lover. Its a wonderful mix of maturity and goofiness and mostly good music to make me go *swoon*. If they played more hard, obscure rock I might look into finding a way to make it into a person. 

ANYWAY there's this new reality show, I hate all other reality shows but the VH1 shows just kinda suck me in, called The Pick-Up Artist or something like that. And it was these really dorky, adorable guys that get all nervous around women and they go to this "Professional Pick-Up Artist(wtf? Seriously, wtf?) who's supposed to mold them into Super-Macks or whatever and I'm like....No! 'Cause these giys are utterly adorable the way they are. Some are really geeky, some are insecure and some are just shy and I just wanted to cuddle them. So in the little ~season preview~ thing, you see them turn into these really slick guys that "say all the right things" and suddenly its all about sex and making out(yea cause thats all they're trying to do) with girls and its all sex sex sex and sleeze and uck!

My point is that it really sucks that totally sweet guys would think that they have to become that kind of guy just to get a girl. 'Cause personally I'd prefer the sweet goofy shy guy over the one that I'd have to watch to make sure he isnt hooking up with some other girl the moment I turned my head. 



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