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I have dicernable biceps. Its silly I know, that I never really noticed before recently, and then was perplexed when I did notice them, as I've written entire stanzas of poems about my arms aching from working on the farm but...when you poke my relaxed arm there's a muscle there. *gleeface*
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The thing about JVUF is,, you get your picture taken a lot. At markets, around the farm, etc. And I personally have never seen any of these pictures. Doesn't bother me, I've just never seen any. With that said, look at that fuckin' sunflower man

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Hey *smishes you all* I've missed your faces. Its been hot as BALLS here, but hey, its Alabama. I'm behind on everything, but what's new about that. I am...making money. \o/. There's no way I'm not gonna have money to get my piercing in January (I've decided I'm gonna go with the labret for right now. It'll change again in a few minutes,). Have I mentioned that I've missed your lovely faces. Its occuring to me that I'm quickly approaching my 3rd LJ birthday and my *squint* 6th? 7th? fandom birthday. I know that there are people who've been in fandom for YEEEEEEEEEEARS but its crazy to me that I'm approaching 10 years in fandom. That is CRAZINESS.
So. I'm probably gonna see Fall Out Boy in September. and All American Rejects. Oh, Blink 182 are headlinging but *handwave*.

Hey flist wanna tell me your favorite Blink songs, just to give me something to learn?

I'm...kindve crazy psyched about it, honestly. I have some Unpopular Opinions about the State of the FOB as it is, but that does not mean by any account that I'm not still crazy in love with Pete, Patrick or Joe. Let' comment about Andy. I respect him as an artist he just...talks a lot. We'll just leave it at that. Have I mentioned recently that I love the Used? Clearly anyone that writes The Used as evil guys has NOT SEEN BERTH BECAUSE OH MY HEART. Is anyone else doing the Used Media Exchange? I got someone I fangirl like crazy and may need some talking down.

I'm working the market at my job today. I'm...don't like people. They make me twitchy and over-polite. Hey, Fourth of July is soon, that means I've gotta gets some fireworks. Y'all really don't even know. I'm such a...something. Drives Fast, Likes Loud Music, Likes things that go Boom. (I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get a speeding ticket soooooooometime soon.)

This is my last summer as a highschool student. I still need to do something epic.
Also, I'm trying to loose weight. Its not as easy as you think it'd be with the job that I have. Today I ate a salad with chicken, Vidalia Onion Vinegrette and lettuce from my own garden. I also planted onion and Bright Light Swiss Chard today (so pretty). I have stopped trying to catch up with Big Bang, is it over yet? I'm gonna let it end then read that way. I'm having fun exposing people that arent IN fandom to BBB.

I think...that that's quite enough. Later y'all. : )

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You discover that a hot shower can make you feel more human - Frank Iero

Oh Frankie you've never spoken truer words
My summer job is to work on Jones Valley Urban Farm. In which there are plants and a few chickens. Lots and lots of plants. Only a few chickens. Lots of plants to care for. Guys? I spend most of my day online. sitting down online. I won't even lie and say I wasn't damn near passing out the first two hours.  That said its awesome. So much produce, such pretty produce and you can take a break whenever you feel like it and I'm sore and gonna be more sore tomorrow and this might be the thing that actually gets me all healthy. I'm pretty sure I just lost about 5 pounds in sweat. Its a good thing I don't mind sweating because I'll be doing plenty of it this summer. I have a headache which means I need to drink more water....I've drank more water in the last 6 hours than I have in a week.

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Have sent in my second bigbang mix which I'm afraid may need more explaining on my end than it should but whatever.

Am starting job tomorrow.

Love you all.



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