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Delicious is going away.
D: D: D: D:
I have 725 bookmarked items on my del. I know that people have thousands.
[ profile] cleolinda  posted some alternatives but seriously D: D: D:

Will be back with Misfits reaction post later maybe after I've found a stream and watched it. Also going to import my del stuff D:
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I get to go work with the kiddies next week!

All of you that just went Aww dont know me at all.

I'm pray that I either get the 8th graders or some precocious runts that understand sarcasm.

Something amusing: Before this fandom I did not read het. It just didn't happen. Same with femslash. Thanks to the magic of genderswap and the beauty that is Katie Kay, Greta, Vicky-T and (my personal favorite) Amanda Palmer these things have obviously changed. I thought. I was wrong. I DO NOT SHIP TIDUSXYUNA!!!! (GOOD) FFX YAOI I KNOW YOU"RE OUT THERE! SHOW YOURSELF! TIDUS/AURON? TIDUS/WAKKA? YOU"RE OUT THERE. I also want Amanda Palmer/Lulu, but I've accepted that I'm probably just gonna have to write that myself. [profile] puckinnichild if thats your real name, give me recs please? That goes for all you others that read FFX. I KNOW YOU"RE OUT THERE. 

Heyhey, anyone wanna read my almost-fics and tell me whats wrong with them(someone fannish. sit down [profile] unitofmeasure) and then cheerlead me into finishing. And then maybe beta if you're feeling especially talented? Plz? C'mon you know you wanna read futuristic!AU mpreg Patrick/Pete/Travis. Or youknow bar!Au Gerard/Frank, Bob/Spencer, Pete/Patrick, Jon/Joe, Travis(Clark)/Drew, Vicky-T/Maja, Ryland/Gabe, Ryan/Brendon(/Singer) (GOD I wish I was kidding) fic. *smilers*

also? Iron and Wine + Muse = Happy happy Dani
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right eventually....I'm going to have time to actually right...and I'm considering making this my writing journal....and going back to writergirld as my personal journal...or I could just use this for  both...since I dont care about people reading about me whining...decisions, decisions


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