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Hey there, LJ and flist. Long time, no post. I'm a whole year later since last post. :) Thanks to all you guys who sent me birthday wishes and such. My birthday and the day I did stuff on my birthday were both awesome (the day I did stuff on my birthday was the most hilarious, fun, clusterfuck I've ever been involved in). So yeah, I'm 18 now. Its surprisingly uneventful thus far but hey, so was 16.

Things Wot Are/Have Been Happening:
I love you so much that it hurts my head )
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I have dicernable biceps. Its silly I know, that I never really noticed before recently, and then was perplexed when I did notice them, as I've written entire stanzas of poems about my arms aching from working on the farm but...when you poke my relaxed arm there's a muscle there. *gleeface*
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My tapers are here :}
Am I really the only one that's a little offended by the black girl on Glee? Yes? *sigh* Okay then.
Taking Back Sunday, Friday, I'm really really excited.

I am not fond of my insecurities. If he is only humouring me then he shall humour me all the longer. And if he is not well, then, that's another post all together.

Good lord the ACT made my head hurt.

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Happy Birthday [ profile] lyo !!! ♥

Guys, guys. I love Kings of Leon, like, seriously. I have like 8 different scenarios/almost-fics for their songs and I can't stop listening to their music.

Also, this dude (the vid is not for the weak, if you don't like blood, knives, DIY body mods etc. don't watch):

a choke and a gag/she spit up and came back for more...

Ok ok, bed now....


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