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I mean, you totally wanna sign up for a challenge right now, don't you?
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So, I went to see Taking Back Sunday tonight.

Observations )

Adressings )

It was probably the least good concert I've went to but I've had a really good track record and by no means was it really bad. I had fun and was glad I got to go. Now one week and then AAR and FALL OUT BOY (oh and uhm, Blink 182)

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too tired for real post.
short hand.

-i think i like a boy?
-i want to forget that I'm a Creative Writer at the School of Fine Arts sometimes.
-i love her but sometimes i want to smack her.
-wait, wut
-i'm not leaving bandom, i'm polyamorus, sillies.
-psh, college.
- O HAY. Taking Back Sunday next week and Fall Out Boy the week after that.
-always so tired.
-fucking taciturnity
-may have to go up to 0g. sorry ma.
-*sigh* <- up to interpretation.
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I love you
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RIP Panic at the Disco 2.0
Long Live Panic(!) 3.0

All I'm saying is, somebody make sure MCR is happy and in love with each other.
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I get to go work with the kiddies next week!

All of you that just went Aww dont know me at all.

I'm pray that I either get the 8th graders or some precocious runts that understand sarcasm.

Something amusing: Before this fandom I did not read het. It just didn't happen. Same with femslash. Thanks to the magic of genderswap and the beauty that is Katie Kay, Greta, Vicky-T and (my personal favorite) Amanda Palmer these things have obviously changed. I thought. I was wrong. I DO NOT SHIP TIDUSXYUNA!!!! (GOOD) FFX YAOI I KNOW YOU"RE OUT THERE! SHOW YOURSELF! TIDUS/AURON? TIDUS/WAKKA? YOU"RE OUT THERE. I also want Amanda Palmer/Lulu, but I've accepted that I'm probably just gonna have to write that myself. [profile] puckinnichild if thats your real name, give me recs please? That goes for all you others that read FFX. I KNOW YOU"RE OUT THERE. 

Heyhey, anyone wanna read my almost-fics and tell me whats wrong with them(someone fannish. sit down [profile] unitofmeasure) and then cheerlead me into finishing. And then maybe beta if you're feeling especially talented? Plz? C'mon you know you wanna read futuristic!AU mpreg Patrick/Pete/Travis. Or youknow bar!Au Gerard/Frank, Bob/Spencer, Pete/Patrick, Jon/Joe, Travis(Clark)/Drew, Vicky-T/Maja, Ryland/Gabe, Ryan/Brendon(/Singer) (GOD I wish I was kidding) fic. *smilers*

also? Iron and Wine + Muse = Happy happy Dani
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Pieces Mended
PG-13 3,649

Thanks to the lovely[info]stepps  for whipping my tenses into shape, and being a great beta. Comments, as always, are love. 


Marry me/Stay the same/Lie to me and tell me that you never will )
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First order of business, [profile] theworstliar is holding a friending meme , which I participated in, and have lots of new fannish friends so *waves* hi, new fannish friends

secondly, meme originally gacked from...*goes to find*...[personal profile] stepps  

Instructions: Open up your iTunes and fill out this survey, no matter how embarrassing the responses might be.

How many songs total: 1053
How many hours or days of music: 3.4 days
Most recently played: Take My Hand - The Cab
Most played: All That I've Got - The Used
Most recently added: You've Got The Nerve - The Cab

Sort by song title:
First Song: Absolution - The Academy Is...
Last Song: 8th Grade - Pencey Prep

Sort by time:
Shortest Song: Famous Last Words - Piano Monsters (7 seconds)
Longest Song: The Tain I-V - The Decemberists: 18 min. 35 sec. (technically its a loveline interview with MCR at 2hrs & 5 Seconds, but thats not really a song)

Sort by album:
First album: The Academy EP - The Academy Is...
Last album: 8 Days of Christmas - Destiny's Child

First song that comes up on Shuffle: I'm Not Okay (I Promise) - My Chemical Romance

Search the following and state how many songs come up:

Death - 41
Life - 21
Love - 80
Hate - 6
You - 149
Sex - 6

Order the Third, correct me if I'm wrong, but isnt the prerequisite of being an indie band being on an independant lable? So wouldnt that make all the bands on FBR technically indie bands? Someone should say yes just so I can sit in the ironic glow of calling Fall Out Boy an indie band
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I might have a B in my most hated subject.


I have around 200,000 words in fic to read. I'm behind in one day. And [community profile] dotcoms_refresh hasn't even came out today. Its Tuesday.

And I have to study.

And I still have my epic plot line o' doom. To, y'know, start. Along with a poem to finish having critiqued, and another poem that currently has two permutations, that are essentially different poems with the same general gist, and i have to figure out which one I have to attempt to make pretty.

did I mention I have around 200,000 words in fic to read? Possibly more, seeing as it isnt even 3:45 yet, and things tend to happen rapidly around here?

I'm simultaneoulsy overjoyed and in pain.

(*snort* is blocked on school computers)

Oh, did I also mention I have homework? What is that?

Ohohoh and I need to work on my thesis proposal, which is due in a week.

And Valentine's Day is in two days, and thats gonna possibly be hellish, cause I love my girl, but I want to stab most of her admirers(I had to stare at this for like, 5 minutes before I could figure out what was wrong with it, damn you Word and damn you LJ for lack of left-cclick spelling suggestions) in the eye.

I'm not even complainging, for the most part, just putting it out there.
On the plus side I (probably) get to go to my crackdealer haven, Hot Topic, and possibly find something worth blowing a little cash. Then Claires.

Also, fandom, you're making me a bad Creative Writer. I've had "The Road" for months and still havent read it. Sure my Whitman is beaten and inked already, and my speshul edition of "Howl" actually survived two months without a single bend, a rarity for me, but I cant remember the last time I read a book for fun. And no, The fucking gaudy ass piece of shit Scarlet Letter does not count as fun. Hawthorne is a master not fun.

And thats my Tuesday update. Maybe I'll make it to Friday. ^.^

if i were a better person I'd actually look up the html to make the font bigger, but....I'm not. 


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