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2012-12-19 05:00 pm

Sticky: Drabble Chart

031.Sunrise.032.Sunset.033.Too Much.034.Not Enough.035.Sixth Sense.
091.Birthday.092.Christmas.093.Thanksgiving.094.Independence.095.New Year.
096.Writer‘s Choice.097.Writer‘s Choice.098.Writer‘s Choice.099.Writer‘s Choice.100.Writer‘s Choice.

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2012-01-24 06:03 pm

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I should've stayed in bed today
aka the Somebody Love Me meme


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2012-01-17 03:00 pm

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Everyone's a sexist homophobic racist asshole today. Jesus fucking hell.

Do I have new friends? I can't remember. If I do hello! All of my posts have been rather down as of late! Sorry about that!
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2011-12-22 02:55 pm

Hellow, Dreamwidth

oh man, I forgot about the scavanger hunt that is finding decent icons. So fun! Gleefandom is ridiculously bad about crediting their icon sources. I am unsurprised. Oh baby fandom.
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2011-11-07 03:18 pm

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nbd just crying over a fictional romantic pairing. i just have a lot of klaine feelings, okay.
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2011-10-25 09:37 pm

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that awesome moment when you don't realize you're mad until you start talking about the thing you're mad about and just keep talking and next thing you know you've got that awesome pit of hurt and anger and just bad in the bottom of your stomach that you didn't even know was there.

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2011-08-27 07:47 pm

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Everyone's hating on the New Who and I don't understaaaaaaaand~
It wasn't the greatest but was it really that terrible? Do I not understand because I only watched 9 and 11 or something?
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2011-06-29 07:10 pm
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Officially going to see Empires for the Atlanta show.
Excuse me while I go squee until I die.
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2011-06-23 05:36 pm

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G'day LJ. I am alive and kicking. Weakly because I work and a farm and am oh god so tired, but kicking nonetheless. We have officially reached the point in the summer where I wished I had more friends because oh my goodness so bored. Work throws an interesting wrench in my plans in that I can't do things before the evening and most of my friends are notorious daytrotters but no matter. I'm going to Atlanta next week to see Jay Brannan !!! (anyone seen shortbus? He's uh. the one that enters into a threesome with the other guys? Who plays the guitar in that one scene before the sex? With the terrible hair? yeah that's him. I'm gonna see him! I'm getting over the "oh god I've seen you have sex dude" bit. and in two weeks I'm probably GOING TO ATLANTA TO SEE EMPIRES seriously, I'm trying not to get too excited yet but the closer it gets the faster I'm going to devolve into *shaking and crying* because its empires guys and I've just about accepted that I'm NEVER going to see them but now I might! probably am! Also double road trip with one of my best (definitely my closest) friend, so woo!

What else? Uhmmm single again! Did I even mention that I wasn't single for a while? Yeeeeah. I dated a guy for a while and he was nice, really nice, awkward but he was a good dude. There was just. An absolute lack of chemistry there. That said, I'm pretty positive I'm ruined for completely!straight boys. At one point we were at a drag show, discussing how fucking adorable Taylor Fist (who was of course performing a Taylor Swift song) was and I was like wow, can't do the whole totes straight-laced thing can I? Give me your queer, your openminded, your easily corruptible muhahah.

Yep, farm's good. I've sort've started writing again. I'm working on a Blaine-Santana friendship!fic that I might end up scrapping all together because I'm afraid it's a little too self-indulgent but whatever, I need to cause more trouble between the perfection that is Klaine and get out some Samcedes in the meantime

Actually, right now I'm happily hopping around fandoms, mostly Glee and Inception but I've discovered I'll read pretty much anything at least once. Though I'm having serious trouble reading actual books. I think I just need to find more books I'm really into rather than books I feel obligated to read because they're ~classics.

Also, also? I'm rereading a bunch of my favorite HP fic because you know whats soon? Of course you know what's soon. Guys. Guys. I'm not going to say it's almost over because its never going to be truly over, not when people are still writing fic for Star Trek:TOS which is how old? But its still a big deal, y'know? I got my tickets as soon as they went on sale and I am so. excite.

I'm sure I'm missing something but hay, this has been an update.
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2011-06-02 03:34 pm

Hey yall

SO, I'm thinking about getting a tattoo soon. And while I know exactly what I want, I need fonts.
I'm getting the line always been a delicate man (from The National's Lemonworld) on my ribs. I need founts. Something preferably cursive/handwriting like. Delicate but not too twee (I had to think of a word that meant girly but wasn't so...sexist.). Or y'know, maybe I'll see something excellent and change my mind.

So name fonts! And or sites with fonts! So that I can find one I love and get a tattoo~~~
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2011-05-26 06:13 pm

fic: like its never been done before

Title: like its never been done before
Author: [ profile] stardustonsable 
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine, Sam/Mercedes, Quinn/Rachel
Word Count: 3,000
Summary: 5 Times Kurt and/or Mercedes Heard I Love You and 1 Times They Didn't Need To
Spoilers: If you haven't watched 2x22 you may wanna wait to read this.
Warnings: References to homophobic bullying and some body-policing.
Author Notes: I've been working on this since I stopped screaming about 2x22. Title and cuttag are modified lyrics from Does It Offend You Yeah?'s Pull Out My Insides

and a heart full of words made you numb )
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2011-05-21 10:47 pm
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2011-05-21 08:02 pm

(no subject)

I wrote half of this in a dream this morning. That sould tell you whats on my mind lately.

a long night is alright
[ profile] stardustonsable 
Kurt/Blaine, background: Santana/Brittany
Word Count:
Blaine learns some new things about Kurt
Graphic use of an illicit substance. Christ, that makes it sound so serious. High schoolers smoking pot.
Author Notes:
I seem to have committed Glee!fic. I’m not really sure how that happened. The stoner!band referenced is Animal Collective and the song lyrics are from “Did You See the Words?” and “We Tigers” respectively. Cut tag is also from "We Tigers". Guys, they’re a total hipster stoner band. I say that with love. There isn’t an official playlist for this but if you want you should read it to We Tigers, Winter’s Love and Firework by Animal Collective and Captian Badass by Songs: Ohia.

May I bang with this? )
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2011-05-12 03:04 pm

(no subject)

where can I find
a. good glee stills, particularly kurt-centric ones
b. pretty kurt wallpapers. (blaine optional!)
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2011-05-01 10:08 pm

(no subject)

I will be blunt and say that I am disappointed in fandom's reaction to the storms that ripped apart the southeast. But maybe I just need to wait for the fests and the charities to pop up.
I will be nice and stop there.
Want to help out?
Check this post, made by one of my friends.

ETA: I stand sorta corrected but y'all should definitely still check the tumblr post.
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2011-04-30 04:15 am

(no subject)

Lost my grandma and a two neighborhoods I didn't know I cared about until they were gone.

I imagine at least two posts about...what I believe in and how weird it feels post storm and. just everything. but the power just came back on after 2 days and I'm just tired, y'all. just tired.
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2011-04-28 12:27 pm

This is ten minutes from my dorm.

my college town is basically destroyed. My state is officially in a State of Emergency.
my grandmother is missing. my family doesn't have power.

Think happy thoughts for me flist. That's all I'm askin'.